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I am in the United States, and I ship worldwide.
Payment is expected within 24 hours of committing to a purchase.
Haggling is allowed & I can also do payment plans for items over $20.
Please note that I post my sales multiple places, so item availability is subject to change.

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My Policies

  • I accept paypal or credit cards

  • ALL my items are available multiple places, so item availability is subject to change

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VOTE! Pokedoll Dress-up Contest

April Pokedoll Dress-Up Contest

It's time to vote for the winner of the Pokedoll Dress-up Contest. The winner will receive a FREE Pokedoll! This contest was hosted on pokedollUSA.com, but I know that some of you on my friends list entered.

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My 1:1 Tepig plush came from pogaf, who was kind enough to do a payment plan on him. My goodness is he soft! I was expecting him to be more of a "shelf-display" item, but its like way too huggable for its own good. I've owned a lot of different brands, but this is my very first 1:1 Plush!
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I recently started collected all the little notes that community members put in my packages. I made a poster of them all and & put them on my wall. Does anybody else do this?
ALSO! I am hosting a "Pokedoll Dress-up" Contest off of pkmncollectors. The prize for first place is 1 FREE pokedoll & free shipping! It ends May 1st, 2013, and if anyone would like to enter last minute you may do so below! Since this was the first time trying this, I decided that it would be best to give the other participants the full month to enter. I think  I am going to do it again in the future, and next time I will let the community know.
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Current Trades & shipping

Hello! I use this page to update people on trades and stuffs like that. If you are listed here, you should receive and email when I update this and include your name. If you see this and didn't receive an email please let me know because LJ is annoying. ^_^

ATTENTION USERS LISTED BELOW! Starting August 20, I will no longer be holding items for anyone on the list below. Unless you contact me or have finished the custom. I will not be leaving negative feedback- because I do understand that things come up. I will post this to pkmncollectors so that you all have a chance to see it.
xzeeko - Custom Sleeping Mew for Takaratomy Eevee plush -Awaiting Custom Completion (updated June 12 2013)
rika_wulf - Site graphics & Commission Wall Scroll- Status: Waiting on Sketches (cancelled)
laurakitazawa - Custom Charms for Mini Pikachu Pokedolls-Awaiting Custom Completion (??)

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Trading too much of my store's inventory for things on pkmncollectors
Telling myself I hate eeveelutions so that I don't go broke collecting all of them
Anticipating and being excited to watch Iris's dragonite and ash's charizard in the anime
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Rainbow Dash meets the Powerpuff girls

It's slow for like the first 5-10 minutes but about halfway through you'll be hooked. Incredible job!


Collection Updates!

I re-organized my collection and almost got them all onto one set of shelves.  I collect Sleepy pokemons (top Priority), Riolus, Lucarios, Charmanders, Charizards, and of course Tepig. Feel free to throw your offers at me, but I don't have much money to spend... I've been going a little overboard on my collection lately. I have loads of things to trade though. ^_^

And now onto the gets... its been a very exciting week for me! Can you guess which Charizard was my grail??
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*Pulls a Hydreigon out of no where*
He's so incredibly forgetful and derpy. But he someone managed to catch a Deino and evolve it, in addition to having a very beast Riolu, and a Ninja Samurott.


Things aren't all bad...

DSC00151 - Copy (1)
A customer made me this. It made me smile. :)