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Hey I'm Kaela! I mainly use my LJ account to post on communities & write about my life and hobbies. I check my LJ almost everyday so feel free to message me. I am most active on the pkmncollectors but often post on other communities as well. I do not mind anybody contacg me through private messaging, so feel free! If you are going to contact me about an order with Pokedoll USA, I suggest emailing the site at pokedollusa@gmail.com for a faster response.

Friendship! I love making friends with people who share my interests, so please feel free to add me. I'll add you back and we can be bestest friends forever!

I currently collect: My main collection is Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard. I also collect Togekiss, Tepig, Fennekin, Sylveon, some Eeveelutions & Pikachu. I also collect merch from other animes I like.

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Why do people hate on her?

I heard that people dont love the this 2nd evolution and I cant imagine why that is? Depending on her final evolution looks, I might never evolve her! This is my favorite second stage starter ever... by far.

1. This is the first female looking starter to ever come out. The closest is Chikorita... and the only reason you feel like Chikorita is girly, is because it has chick in its name and Ash's Chikorita was a female.
2. Second evolutions are always terrible looking... and this is astounding looking for a second evolution.
3. Did you here the theory that she might be inspired by a fire mage? (see below)


Long night of editing my site. Please tell me what you think!

Hey LJ friends! I am looking for opinions on the new layout of my site:
Known problems:
- The product descriptions in quickview
- Missing a few menu links like "eeveelution"
- Twitter/ Chatot & Facebook/ Mudkip images need to be re-sized

Any help is much appreciated, and if you are a customer please let me know and I can give you a coupon in return for any advice / opinions you may have.

And in an unrelated note, I am going to my parents house to pick up some new Charizard things including my D-arts Charizard! I am so excited!!

I can't believe people support bootlegs

I have been talking to muliple companies about buying pokemon merchandise. Theyve offered to make any pokemon, or duplicate dolls I that I have in my possession. One of them just sent me this saying that this is what they have available for order.

I wonder who's collection photo they are using to do this...

Me trying to explain Mew3 to old gen fans

Mikaela: So did you guys hear aobut the new mewtwo thats coming out in sixth gen?
>Justin: What? They are making a new Mewtwo?
>>Heather: yeah, it has a tail for a head!!!
>Justin: Wait so the tail comes out of  it's head?
Mikaela: Well I guess, so but...
>Justin: *interupting* so if its tail is on its head, then isn't its head technically his ass?
Mikaela: No... not really...
>Justin: *interupting again* Wait... so its got an ass for a face?
Mikaela: No... not exactly... its...
>Justin: So its an ass-face! This is why they shouldn't make new pokemon generations. They  take one of the coolest pokemon ever made and make it into an ass face.
Mikaela: *sighs & gives up trying to explain* Yeah, Its an assface...
>Justin: lame.
Image isn't mine- it was drawn by rika_pup

The funniest plush reviews ever...

My website has the option to write what you think about a specific plush.

I got these reviews from a "Benny B" on my website today, they were pretty funny.

NOTE: These aren't true in the slightest- and this person has NEVER bought from me. Some have never even been ordered before, because most were new in stock.
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